Google claim Device Incompatibility on Android TV app

The app won’t show as available on TV devices until it has passed the manual review process.

The uses-feature parts of your manifest look correct, but it looks like you’re using your app icon as the banner. This won’t show up correctly in the ATV launcher, which may be why they’re incorrectly calling out the leanback requirement. The banner should be an xhdpi resource with a size of 320 x 180 px. The app name as text must be included in the image. If your app is available in more than one language, you must provide separate versions of the banner with text for each supported language.

See for more info.

For the screenOrientation on TV, you should generally either leave it undefined or specify landscape. I’m not sure what impact (if any) setting it to full sensor has given that there isn’t an accelerometer for the system to rely on.

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