How can I draw text on a path in Jetpack Compose?

We use nativeCanvas to draw a text using Path in Compose, like how we do normally in Custom Views.


fun ArcTextExample() {
    val paint = Paint().asFrameworkPaint()
    Canvas(modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize()) {
        paint.apply {
            isAntiAlias = true
            textSize = 24f
            typeface = Typeface.create(Typeface.DEFAULT, Typeface.BOLD)

        drawIntoCanvas {
            val path = Path()
            path.addArc(RectF(0f, 100f, 200f, 300f), 270f, 180f)
            it.nativeCanvas.drawTextOnPath("Hello World Example", path, 0f, 0f, paint)

Note: we should use

And the result will be like:

enter image description here

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