i am not getting the same number of results on my test run

  1. You have 10 users and 100 loops in your Thread Group hence you should get 1000 total results (if everything goes well)

  2. At the same time you have Stop Test Now after a Sampler error, it means that your test will stop immediately (and not gracefully) whenever even a single request fails

    enter image description here

  3. All JMeter slaves are executing the same test plan absolutely independenly so for 1 slave you will have 1000 results, for 2 slaves – 2000, for 8 slaves – 8000, etc. but again only if everything will be ok, any single failure will cause your test to immediately stop forcefully terminating the connections (and adding more errors) so you might want to switch this “Action to be taken after a Sampler error” to Continue and it will allow you to have equal amount of results each time you run your test.

More information: How to Perform Distributed Testing in JMeter

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