Remote EJB in Kubernetes

Solved it!

So, the first problem was resolving host mapping, which was resolved as mentioned in edit above, by adding host aliases id pod definitions:

Remote pod:

- ip:

Client pod:

- ip: {}

Remote server then has to use that host name in iiop host definition:

<iiopEndpoint id="defaultIiopEndpoint" host="" iiopPort="2809" />

Also, client has to reference that host name through JNDI lookup:!org\.example\.com\.BeanRemote

This setup resolves remote EJB call.

The other problem with ClassCastException was really unusual. I managed to reproduce the error on Docker host and then changed one thing at a time until the problem was resolved. It turns out that the problem was with ldapRegistry-3.0 feature (!?). Adding this feature to client’s feature list resolved my problem:


With this feature added, remote EJB was successfully called.

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