how do i remove an escape character from the output of lookup activity in azure data factory?

As we know, ‘\’ is an escape character. In your case, this symbol appears because it is used to escape one double quote inside a pair of double quotes.
For example, “\”” => “””.

But it doesn’t matter, we only need to convert it from string type to json type, it will automatically remove escape characters. I’ve created a test to verify it.

  1. First, I defined an Array type variable. enter image description here
  2. My Lookup activity’s output is as follows: enter image description here
  3. Then I used an AppendVariable activity and used an expression @json(activity('Lookup1').output.firstRow.value) to convert it from string type to json type.
    enter image description here
  4. After I run debug, we can see the result as follows, there is no ‘\’. enter image description here

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