how do you customize the result of the create html table step by step in logic apps?

1. Please refer to my logic app to solve your question:

enter image description here

enter image description here

You can use Parse Json to parse the json result from “Get entities” action first.

You can click “Use sample payload to generate schema” button and input the json result into the box to generate the schema automatically.

Then you can use Select action to select the data you want.

Finally, you convert the json from select to html, and select Automatic in Columns.

2. If you want to customize Html, you can write First Name in Notepad++ or other text editor first, then copy and paste it into azure logic app.

If you use select action, you don’t need to customize the data, you can define the header in select action, you can refer to my logic app for details.

The result is like this:

enter image description here


1. Alphabetical order

Based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) standards, these action definitions appear in alphabetical order. So the problem you encounter is an expected problem.

enter image description here

After my test, you can solve the sorting problem in Create HTML table action, you need to customize fields:

enter image description here

The expression of your field value:


2. border

You can directly use tags to add styles´╝Ü

enter image description here


#testID table, table th, table td {border: 1px solid #F00}
<div id="testID">
<body of 'Create_HTML_table'>

Because Microsoft removed the Is HTML argument, you must write the HTML in the variable first, or you’ll send plain text, you can refer to this blog.

I did a test:

enter image description here

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