how can i get this shared pointer from this derived class in c?

It’s perfectly fine and safe to do it the way you’re currently doing.

#include <memory>

class Base : public std::enable_shared_from_this<Base>{
    virtual int32_t getid() = 0;
class Derived : public Base{
    int32_t id;
    Derived(int32_t id){
        this->id = id;
    int32_t getid(){
        return id;
int main(){
    std::shared_ptr<Derived> child = std::make_shared<Derived>(1033);
    std::shared_ptr<Base> parent = child;//This needs no extra work
    std::shared_ptr<Derived> secondchildinstance = std::static_pointer_cast<Derived>(parent);//this needs casting
        //shared_from_this can be called directly from the child without an explicit method
        std::shared_ptr<Base> secondparentinstance = secondchildinstance->shared_from_this();
        //shared_from_this would require downcasting to get the child
        std::shared_ptr<Derived> thirdchildinstance =  std::static_pointer_cast<Derived>(secondchildinstance->shared_from_this());//requires casting
            printf("use count:%ld id:%d",thirdchildinstance.use_count(),thirdchildinstance->getid());
    return 0;

You probably could make your job for down-casting from parent to child easier through a wrapper method.

Something to note is, you do not need an explicit method in order to call shared_from_this, because the parent already inherits it you can call the child->shared_from_this() directly but it will give the shared instance of the base class which will need downcasting.

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