Nested CMakeLists.txt files in CLion

You don’t execute a CMakeLists.txt. It is read by cmake (the root CMaksLists.txt file), which is called by CLion. However, CLion only passes the root CMaksLists.txt file to cmake. Even if you call cmake yourself you would only pass this root CMaksLists.txt file.

If you want to define targets (or anything) in other CMaksLists.txt files located in other folders, then you must add add_subdirectory(folder_name_that_contains_another_CMakeLists_file) to your root CMaksLists.txt file. Only then targets in these other CMaksLists.txt files will appear in CLion.

Note that a few things should appear in the root CMaksLists.txt file, but not in the other ones. Particularly, the two lines below should only be in the root file

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.14)  # Choose the minimum cmake version

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