is it possible to auto complete with function braces? c visual studio 2016

I think you cannot get what you want so far.

And VS does not such Intellisense function by default.

As a suggestion,

1) just as NDJ said, Resharper vs extension has the option that automatically add brackets to methods when auto-completing.

And Resharper is free for 30 days if you are a new user.

2) Or before you click Enter to complete automatic filling from the Intellisense suggestion window, press the key combination Shift + ( and it will automatically add () with the method.

enter image description here


Besides, if the two suggestions do not meet your requirements, you should suggest your idea to the Team.

enter image description here

And when you finishing the ticket, you can share the link here and anyone who is interested in it including us will vote it.

With all of these, I think it will get more attention from Microsoft to help us deal with it more quickly.

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