is it possible to delay displaying inline errors when editing c code perhaps until i save the file?

I have updated the extension When File v0.4.0.

Now you can change workbench colors when the file is dirty (not saved) (experimental)

This only works for files in a Workspace. The extension needs a workspace because it will not change the global workbench color customization.

Add the following to your settings (Global or Workspace)

  "whenFile.change": {
    "byLanguageId": {
      "csharp": {
        "whenDirty": {
          "editorError.foreground": "#ff000020",
          "editorWarning.foreground": "#ff000020",
          "editorInfo.foreground": "#ff000020"

When you start typing the squiggles will be very faint red. If you save the file they will get the theme colors back. Every theme uses different squiggles colors but faint red is not a problem. Also the icons in the PROBLEMS panel become transparent.

If you have customized these colors you have to put these in a theme group of workbench.colorCustomizations. But it can be that theme groups override the colors.

I will add a timer to reset this state when you haven’t typed for x seconds.

If your theme uses the other colors in the groups editorError, editorWarning, editorInfo you can add these too.

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