Java.IO.FileNotFoundException: Xamarin.Forms

First of all, create an interface in the PCL.

    public  interface IReadStream
        Stream ReadStreamFromAsset();

Then achieve the interface in the android platform.

[assembly: Dependency(typeof(ReadStreamService))]
namespace MyPopUpPageDemo.Droid
    class ReadStreamService : IReadStream
        public Stream ReadStreamFromAsset()
            AssetManager assets = Android.App.Application.Context.Assets;

            return assets.Open("app_sound.mp3");

Please notice mp3 file Build Action to AndroidAsset

enter image description here

Then use dependenceService in the PCL.

           ISimpleAudioPlayer player;
        Stream stream;
        public MainPage()

            player = Plugin.SimpleAudioPlayer.CrossSimpleAudioPlayer.CreateSimpleAudioPlayer();
            stream = DependencyService.Get<IReadStream>().ReadStreamFromAsset();


When button is clicked it, play the audio

 private void Button_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)


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