there are two database names inside sql text entity framework

Take a look at solution on github

  • Install MySQL Server 8.0.16
  • Install Complete MySQL Connector.Net x86 8.0.16
  • Install this custom repacked VSIX MySQL Visual Studio
  • If after installing MySQL Visual Studio Plugin it shows warning that failed to execute comamnd devenv /updateconfiguration, then manually execute that command in Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 20xx with run as administrator.
  • Run this command Install-Package EntityFramework in Visual Studio Nuget package manager console
  • Manage Nuget Packages > Search Mysql > install Mysql.Data v8.0.16
  • Manage Nuget Packages > Search Mysql > install Mysql.Data.Entity v6.10.8
  • Manage Nuget Packages > Search Mysql.Data.EntityFramework > install Mysql.Data.EntityFramework v8.0.16

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