how can i export a qdrep file?

Option 1: The nsys stats command

The stats command of NSight Systems is actually not intended for exporting .qdrep’s to SQLite format, but rather to generate statistics of some kind using an SQLite database. However, it turns out that if you have a .qdrep but no SQLite, it will export the former into the latter before doing the rest of the work. So, this may work:

nsys stats report.qdrep

Caveat: Haven’t tried it myself yet.

Option 2: nsys-exporter

There’s a utility which is bundled with NSight Systems, named nsys-exporter. While it is clearly marked as a “beta tool” – what is life but a beta, right? So you could write:

nsys-exporter -s report.qdrep report.sqlite

and it will work. There are additional export formats: Text, JSON, HDF5 (but they might not be exactly what you expect – try and see what exactly comes out.)

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