is it possible to set a selected column as a index in a julia dataframe?

DataFrames.jl does not currently allow specifying an index for a data frame. The Row column is just there for printing—it’s not actually part of the data frame.

However, DataFrames.jl provides all the usual table operations, such as joins, transformations, filters, aggregations, and pivots. Support for these operations does not require having a table index. A table index is a structure used by databases (and by Pandas) to speed up certain table operations, at the cost of additional memory usage and the cost of creating the index.

The setindex! function you discovered is actually a method from Base Julia that is used to customize the indexing behavior for custom types. For example, x[1] = 42 is equivalent to setindex!(x, 42, 1). Overloading this method allows you to customize the indexing behavior for types that you create.

The docstrings for Base.setindex! can be found here and here.

If you really need a table with an index, you could try IndexedTables.jl.

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