Issue with SQL Select Command Using Multiple Tables

You are missing some join conditions. The explicit join syntax makes it harder to miss:

select ma.muncipilitycode, rd.specialnumber, osl.documenttype, osl.workpermitserial, osl.workpermityear, ma.applicationnumber
from   vls$licenseapplication la
       join gam$mainapplication ma
            on  ma.??? = la.???  -- Here
       join gam$regdoc rd
            on  rd.??? = ???     -- and here
       join gam$regdoc_mainapplication rdma
            on  rdma.gam$regdocid =
       join gam$occstruct_app osma
            on  osma.gam$mainapplicationid = rdma.gam$mainapplicationid 
       join gam$occstructlic osl
            on = osma.gam$occstructlicid 
where  rd.specialnumber is not null
and    ma.applicationnumber is not null
and    osl.documenttype is not null
and    osl.workpermitserial is not null
and    osl.workpermityear is not null

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