SQL Write a request that returns: Customers – only who have had at least one order every day in the last month [closed]

Here is one method:

select user_id
from orders
where created >= date_format(current_date, '%Y-%m-01')
  and created <  date_format(current_date, '%Y-%m-01') + interval 1 month
group by user_id
having count(distinct date(created)) 
    = day(date_format(current_date, '%Y-%m-01') + interval 1 month - interval 1 day)

How this works:

  • the where clause filters on the previous month

  • then we group by user_id

  • finally, the having clause counts how many distinct days appear in each group, and ensures that it is equal to the number of days in the month; to compute the number of days within last month, we use date arithmetics: basically this is equal to the day number of the last day of the month

Disclaimer: I read this as a MySQL question, but now I see that there is no such tag in your question. The logic would be the same in other databases, you would just need to adjust the date arithmetics logic.

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