why does table variable sql never return values in r markdown?

  1. Your statement “does not work with non-numeric data” is quite wrong, DBI (with SQL Server) supports SQL Server’s bit, integer, float variants, datetimeoffset variants, char/varchar/nchar/nvarchar variants, etc.

  2. Suggested here, add SET NOCOUNT ON.


title: Why table variable SQL doesn't return values in R Markdown?

```{r setup}
con <- DBI::dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), ...) # redacted

```{sql connection=con}
set nocount on
declare @CountriesTable as TABLE (countries varchar(2))
insert into @CountriesTable values ('us'), ('gb'), ('de'), ('fr')
select * from @CountriesTable

rendered rmarkdown

Ultimately, I believe the issue is that DBI does not deal with with multiple result-sets. While I had expected that odbc‘s PR 345 would have addressed this in odbc-1.3.0, it does not seem to deal correctly with the first resultset (4, number of rows inserted) and the second (four rows of data).

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