deploying docker images using ansible

Finally, got this playbook to sing! 🙂

I did the following.

  1. upgraded the Ansibe version, so now it’s running on version: 2.9.15.
  2. my python3 version is:3.6.9

After upgrading the Ansible to the version i’ve mentioned above, i got and error message: Failed to import the required python library (Docker SDK for Python (python >==2.7) or docker-py (python 2.6)) on osboxes(this is my machine) python…

so, after Googling this error, i found this URL:

SO, i decided to remove the docker from my machines, including the python that was installed using pip (i used the command pip-list to see if there is docker installed, and remove it using: pip uninstall).

After removing the Docker from my machines, i added the playbook one more play. install docker-compose (that’s what solve my problem, and it took care of the python versions).

Just follow the URL i attached in my answer.

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