forward a localhost port to a remote docker container

Assuming you have SSH access to the target machine where the container is running, you can achieve this in two steps:

  1. Expose container port into your VPS port, binding to its loopback IP for security:
  1. Use SSH port-forwarding to access port 5432 of that container:
ssh -f -N -L <VPS_IP>

The above command might seem confusing, but it’s requesting SSH to listen on on your client system (first ip:port pair) and port forward its connections through an ssh tunnel to (second ip:port pair) of the remote system (demonstrated with <VPS_IP>). See this answer for more info.

Note that this ssh connection is persistent until your network remains connected. If you want to close this connection, do a ps aux | grep ssh to find PID of ssh-forwarding process, then use sudo kill -9 $PID to kill it.

P.S. However, this is not different with the case you connect directly to VPS_IP:5432 if you don’t have security concerns.

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