I see some unknown containers in `docker ps`

If your suspicousness comes from the strange names that those docker containers have, as e.g. dazzling_tharp: This is the naming scheme for docker containers that are created without the --name argument. The first part of the name is a random attribute, the second one a random noun.

E.g. docker run <image> will generate a random container name, while docker run --name my-container <image> will not. So I would assume that you created these containers playing around with docker and not using the –name argument.

You can retrieve some information about a docker container by using docker inspect <container-id>. This will e.g. show you the creation date of the container and the args it was started with. A similar command exists for inspecting images: docker inspect <image-id>.

In my experience it can be very hard to trace where a docker container/image came from. This is one of the reasons you should never give all users permissions to use the docker socket, but only a privileged user group.

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