how do i remove a fixed number of columns in vba just like a power query?

With no changes to the UnPivotData function in the link I posted, this should do what you want, based on the file you posted:

Sub Tester()

    Dim p

    'get the unpivoted data as a 2-D array
    p = UnPivotData(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("data source").Range("A2").CurrentRegion, _
                  118, True, True)
    'I added a new sheet for the output
    With Sheets("output2")
        .Range("A1").Resize(UBound(p, 1), UBound(p, 2)).Value = p 'populate array to sheet
    End With

    'EDIT: alternative (slower) method to populate the sheet
    '      from the pivoted dataset.  Might need to use this
    '      if you have a large amount of data
'    Dim r As Long, c As Long
'    For r = 1 To UBound(p, 1)
'    For c = 1 To UBound(p, 2)
'        Sheets("Sheet2").Cells(r, c).Value = p(r, c)
'    Next c
'    Next r

End Sub

Edit – adding the UnPivotData function:

Function UnPivotData(rngSrc As Range, fixedCols As Long, _
                   Optional AddCategoryColumn As Boolean = True, _
                   Optional IncludeBlanks As Boolean = True)

    Dim nR As Long, nC As Long, data, dOut()
    Dim r As Long, c As Long, rOut As Long, cOut As Long, cat As Long
    Dim outRows As Long, outCols As Long
    data = rngSrc.Value 'get the whole table as a 2-D array
    nR = UBound(data, 1) 'how many rows
    nC = UBound(data, 2) 'how many cols

    'calculate the size of the final unpivoted table
    outRows = nR * (nC - fixedCols)
    outCols = fixedCols + IIf(AddCategoryColumn, 2, 1)
    'resize the output array
    ReDim dOut(1 To outRows, 1 To outCols)
    'populate the header row
    For c = 1 To fixedCols
        dOut(1, c) = data(1, c)
    Next c
    If AddCategoryColumn Then
        dOut(1, fixedCols + 1) = "Category"
        dOut(1, fixedCols + 2) = "Value"
        dOut(1, fixedCols + 1) = "Value"
    End If
    'populate the data
    rOut = 1
    For r = 2 To nR
        For cat = fixedCols + 1 To nC
            If IncludeBlanks Or Len(data(r, cat)) > 0 Then
                rOut = rOut + 1
                'Fixed columns...
                For c = 1 To fixedCols
                    dOut(rOut, c) = data(r, c)
                Next c
                'populate unpivoted values
                If AddCategoryColumn Then
                    dOut(rOut, fixedCols + 1) = data(1, cat)
                    dOut(rOut, fixedCols + 2) = data(r, cat)
                    dOut(rOut, fixedCols + 1) = data(r, cat)
                End If
            End If

        Next cat
    Next r
    UnPivotData = dOut
End Function

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