Paste sum of range to another cell

If you want to change =+SUM(Sheet1!A1,A3) into =+SUM(Sheet1!A1,Sheet1!A3) you just need to replace all , with ,Sheet1!. So your code needs to be

ObjData.SetText "+sum('" & Selection.Parent.Name & "'!" & Replace$(Selection.Address(0, 0), ",", ",'" & Selection.Parent.Name & "'!") & ")"

Actually I thought

Selection.Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False, External:=True)

should also return Sheet1!A1,Sheet1!A3 due to External:=True but obviously ther is a bug and it returns Sheet1!A1,A3 which is obviously not what one would expect (as it doesn’t make any sense that the address method returns only the first one as external).

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