Flutter – Could not find the correct Provider

You get this error because your SecretProvider instance is part of HomeScreen which is not a parent of SecretScreen.

In order, when you push a new page, this new page is not a descendent of the previous one so you can’t access to inherited object with the .of(context) method.

Here the a schema representing the widget tree to explain the situation :

  1. With a Provider on top of MaterialApp (the navigator) :

        HomeScreen -> push SecretScreen
        SecretScreen -> Here we can acces the Provider by calling Provider.of(context) because the context can access to its ancestors 
  2. With a Provider created in HomeScreen :

      HomeScreen -> push SecretScreen
        Provider -> The provider is part of HomeScreen
      SecretScreen -> The context can't access to the Provider because it's not part of its ancestors

I hope my answer is pretty clear and will help you to understand what happens 😉

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