How to add styling to selected ListTile in Flutter?

To add styling to selected List Tile, I used ListView.builder, added all the menu items to display in list tile in a Map.

final List<Map<String, dynamic>> _menuItem = [
      "title": "Home",
      "icon": Icon(Icons.home),
      "selected": false,
      "title": "Teams",
      "icon": Icon(Icons.people),
      "selected": true,
      "title": "Ideas",
      "icon": Icon(Icons.lightbulb),
      "selected": false,

and then using ListView.builder to loop through them.

  itemCount: _menuItem.length,
  itemBuilder: (context, index) {
    return ClipRRect(
      borderRadius: BorderRadius.only(
        topLeft: Radius.circular(32),
        bottomLeft: Radius.circular(32),
      child: ListTile(
        leading: _menuItem[index]['icon'],
        title: Text(_menuItem[index]['title']),
        selected: _menuItem[index]['selected'],
        onTap: () {
          if (!_menuItem[index]['selected'])

changeSelectedMenu function ensures that the clicked menu item gets the selected property set to true. As posted in question, selected tile color is set to true and whichever tile is white gets the rounded radius from ClipRRect.

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