It’s all about stashes…

They are shared between branches. If you stash work on one branch it can be easily applied (so, it is visible from other branch) on another branch.

I must have applied stash from branch C to branch A. That’s why I was seeing partial work from A – because I applied only a stash, not whole branch.


When stashing, the special kind of commit is

After deleteing it, it still can be found in GIT history, as @Code-Apprentice mentiond and can be inspected with git reflog, which is just shhortcut for

git log --reflog --oneline

In my case lost commit appeared as:

b10b2fc (refs/stash) WIP on branch: 78beda0 [COMMIT MESSAGE]

So I can merge this commit into my branch (it means to me a couple of conflicts, but it is better than just redoing everything):

git merge b10b2fc

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