Multiple REGEXEXTRACT in Google Sheets formula

Assuming there are spaces between the different tags (as in your example) you can try in B2

=textjoin(", ", 1, ArrayFormula(iferror(regexextract(split(regexreplace(A2, "\](\s)\[","]_["), "_"), "\[brand\](.*?)\[brand\]"))))

If not, and the number of brands is fixed (eg. 2 brands) you can try

=regexextract(A2, rept(".*\[brand\](.*?)\[brand\]", 2))

If the number of brands present in the string is variable, you can calculate the number of brands present and use that as the second parameter in the rept() function.

=regexextract(A2, rept(".*\[brand\](.*?)\[brand\]", (len(A2)-len(substitute(A2, "[brand]",)))/(2*LEN("[brand]"))))

If you need the output to be in a single cell (as in the first formula) you can wrap join(“, “, …) around the last two formulas.

Hope that helps?

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