how do i create a fluttery image?

This code is very ambiguous, it’s very unclear where you are calling getImage and where you are setting the image.

I suppose you are not calling getImage() properly and not sure where you are using this if (pickedImage == null) return; it might be wrong.

Anyway, here’s a proper explanation it should work.

  • Declare your getImage method inside the Widget class.
Future<File> getImage(int type) async {
   PickedFile pickedImage = await ImagePicker().getImage(
      source: type == 1 ? :,
      imageQuality: 50
    return pickedImage;
  • Declare the File state variable in the sate class
File imageFile;
  • Have a Button for the selecting action of the image in your widget.
     icon: Icon(,
     onPressed: () {}
  • call the getImage method and setState the result in the onPressed handler.
     icon: Icon(,
     onPressed: () async {
      final tmpFile = await getImage(1);
        setState(() {
          imageFile = tmpFile;

  • Display your file in a widget
 imageFile != null
            height: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height / 5,
          ): Text("Pick up the image"),

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