Stop Diffable Data Source scrolling to top after refresh

The source of this problem is probably your Item identifier type – the UserComment.

Diffable data source uses the hash of your item identifier type to detect if it is a new instance or an old one which is represented currently. If you implement Hashable protocol manually, and you use a UUID which is generated whenever a new instance of the type is initialized, this misguides the Diffable data source and tells it this is a new instance of item identifier. So the previous ones must be deleted and the new ones should be represented. This causes the table or collection view to scroll after applying snapshot. To solve that replace the uuid with one of the properties of the type that you know is unique or more generally use a technique to generate the same hash value for identical instances.

So to summarize, the general idea is to pass instances of the item identifiers with the same hash values to the snapshot to tell the Diffable data source that these items are not new and there is no need to delete previous ones and insert these ones. In this case you will not encounter unnecessary scrolls.

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