SwiftUI can’t use navigationBarTitle modifier (deprecated) in iOS 13 versions, but can in iOS 14

If you look closely at what the navigationBarTitle call resolves to, it isn’t the method you linked:

func navigationBarTitle(_ title: Text, displayMode: NavigationBarItem.TitleDisplayMode) -> some View

It is:

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func navigationBarTitle<S>(_ title: S, displayMode: NavigationBarItem.TitleDisplayMode) -> some View where S : StringProtocol

It can’t resolve to the first one because you are not passing a Text as the title, are you? You declared the argument title to be a String.

Here’s the documentation for the second method. From the documentation we can clearly see that it is available from iOS 14.0 to 14.2.

The reason why using a string literal as the title works (such as in ContentView) is because you are calling yet another overload of navigationBarTitle:

func navigationBarTitle(_ titleKey: LocalizedStringKey, displayMode: NavigationBarItem.TitleDisplayMode) -> some View

LocalizedStringKey conforms to ExpressibleByStringLiteral, so string literals can be passed to an argument of type LocalizedStringKey, but not a variable like title.

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