Can you please check if you are having io.micronaut.redis:micronaut-redis-lettuce dependency added to your class path/ build file.

By default Micronaut will assume redis server to be at localhost:6379, as health checks are by default enabled when redis-lettuce is being activated. It will keep probing for health checks.

If you are using micronaut application.yml, you need to provide the server url which will be accessible from the running app.

Micronaut redis

Example – application.yml

    uri: redis://localhost
    ssl: true
    timeout: 30s

You can also use below connection string pattern to provide details about redis server.

Redis Standalone

redis :// [[username :] [email protected]] host [: port] [/ database][? [timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]] [&_database=database_]]

Redis Standalone (SSL)

rediss :// [[username :] [email protected]] host [: port] [/ database][? [timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]] [&_database=database_]]

Redis Standalone (Unix Domain Sockets)

redis-socket :// [[username :] [email protected]]path [?[timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]][&_database=database_]]

for more details on connection string – Redis connections string

Micronaut redis configuration properties

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