how can i reduce the size of jar files for updates?

Are you ‘striping’ your jars? 130MB for a bunch of class files is a humongous size, which makes me think that you’ve either striped (unpacked a whole bunch of deps and then repacked them into a single giant jar, or in this case, evidently, 3 of them), or you’ve included large resources such as a big background image for your app in these jars.

Undo that – don’t stripe, and have your app deployment be a sizable amount of jar files. If you have a bunch of resources (such as said large background image), make sure these end up building into different jars; your build tool should have support for this.

At that point, you have lots of smaller jars and ‘an update’ most likely means only a few of the jars have changed at all. Thus, it now is a matter of sending the hashes of those jars to a central server, with that server reporting back: Okay, you only need updates for this, that, and the other jar, but not the rest.

jars are already compressed, so at that point, just send those jars.

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