how do i assign a long hex value to the type data in java?

A long has a maximum of 64-bits, your number has way more than 64 bits.

To convert it to a BigInteger use: BigInteger(String val, int radix) where radix is 16 (for hex).

BigInteger(String val, int radix)
Translates the String representation of a BigInteger in the specified radix into a BigInteger.

BigInteger bi = new BigInteger("5C6847CA179309189D68679F8A77C3192577A242D5FF053F72F0E1A3F754191B8B0819BD367711F8195A4DA5FDE8F7EBFB12606DB3A1685DD92AF2126836D20F",16);

String value = "5C6847CA179309189D68679F8A77C3192577A242D5FF053F72F0E1A3F754191B8B0819BD367711F8195A4DA5FDE8F7EBFB12606DB3A1685DD92AF2126836D20F";

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