how do i map a jgrapht graphfooe to another graphbare?

Its actually rather straight forward after having a look at clone() in AbstractBaseGraph. I have put the complete code with a small demo in a gist.

public static <V, Vv, E> Graph<Vv, E> convert(Graph<V, E> source, Function<V, Vv> vertexMapper) {
    Graph<Vv, E> result = GraphTypeBuilder.<Vv, E>forGraphType(source.getType()).buildGraph();

    source.vertexSet().forEach(v -> result.addVertex(vertexMapper.apply(v)));
    for (E e : source.edgeSet()) {
        Vv s = vertexMapper.apply(source.getEdgeSource(e));
        Vv t = vertexMapper.apply(source.getEdgeTarget(e));
        result.addEdge(s, t, e);
    return result;

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