How to Request Direct Sponsored Content Poster Role in Linkedin API?

So I spoke with a Linkedin Technical Support member and it appears there is an error in their documentation.

The correct call requires a PUT request.

Additionally, the URL for the request is:,role:DIRECT_SPONSORED_CONTENT_POSTER,roleAssignee:urn%3Ali%3Aperson%3AXXXXXXX). Where the ‘XXXXXXX’ needs to be the associated organization id and the associated person id.

Lastly, as part of the request, a request body needs to be passed in. The request body is a JsonObject that contains the following properties.

  1. state
  2. role
  3. roleAssignee
  4. organization

For state, the only possible value is REQUESTED. For role, the only possible value is DIRECT_SPONSORED_CONTENT_POSTER. For role assignee, it is "urn:li:person:" + roleAssignee, the id of the user you wish to use add to the below organization. Lastly, for the organization, it is "urn:li:organization:" + organization, the id of organization you wish to add the above user to.

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