is it bad practice to have a jenkins docker container to handle cicd inside the kubernetes cluster itself?

It is a good practice to use CI/CD – good start. I wouldn’t say it is a “bad practice” to run Jenkins as a container on Kubernetes – but my experience is that it does not work very well, mostly because Jenkins is not designed for being run as a container on Kubernetes.

There are more modern alternatives, that is designed for containers and Kubernetes. Jenkins X is the next-gen version of Jenkins that is designed to be run on Kubernetes, see Serverless Jenkins with Jenkins X on how it is different from Jenkins.

Jenkins X is built on-top of Tekton, another Kubernetes native CI/CD project and Tekton can be run standalone as well, using Tekton Pipelines, Tekton Triggers and Tekton Dashboard. Tekton is a very active community, backed by Google and Red Hat and more companies to provide a great CI/CD solution designed to work on Kubernetes.

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