is it possible that variable has not been initialized in java?

The reason you’re getting “variable taxbracket2 might not have been initialized” is that you used textbracket2 somewhere in the unseen part of the code of the taxSingleCalculation method. Every variable you declare must have been definitely assigned a value prior to being used.

There are a few options to solve this issue:

  1. If it’s convenient, temporarily comment-out the code that’s using the unassigned variables;
  2. Just go ahead and add the code which assigns the variables their “proper” values (which you were going to do eventually anyway, right?);
  3. Do exactly what you did: assign a reasonable “dummy” initial value (such as zero) to each variable in the declaration, with the understanding that this dummy value will eventually be replaced by the appropriate “real” value.

As for the best way: I would, personally, vote for #2 (no time like the present, eh?), but it’s entirely up to you.

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