Jenkinsfile find files in S3 with s3FindFiles


return an array of FileWrapper instances with the following properties:

  • name: the filename portion of the path (for “path/to/my/file.ext”, this would be “file.ext”)
  • path: the full path of the file, relative to the path specified (for path=”path/to/”, this property of the file “path/to/my/file.ext” would be “my/file.ext”)
  • directory: true if this is a directory; false otherwise length: the length of the file (this is always “0” for directories)
  • lastModified: the last modification timestamp, in milliseconds since the Unix epoch (this is always “0” for directories)

you can simply iterate over the returned array using either the properties above or the dedicated methods

e.g: get file name

name_by_property = files[0].name   
name_by_method = files[0].getName()

if you are using declarative pipeline you’ll need to wrap your code with script block:

steps {
        withCredentials([[$class: 'AmazonWebServicesCredentialsBinding', credentialsId: 'jenkins-user-for-aws', accessKeyVariable: 'AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID', secretKeyVariable: 'AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY']]) {

              files = s3FindFiles(bucket:'my-bucket', path:'firmwares/', glob:'gwsw_*', onlyFiles: true)
              // get the first name
              println files[0].name

              // iterate over all files
              files.each { println "File name: ${}, timestamp: ${it.lastModified}"}

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