LastModifiedFileListFilter for Sftp inbound adapter

not retried which I believe is part of discard callback.

I wonder what makes you think that way…

The fact that FileReadingMessageSource with its WatchService option has the logic like this:

if (filter instanceof DiscardAwareFileListFilter) {
            ((DiscardAwareFileListFilter<File>) filter).addDiscardCallback(this.filesToPoll::add);

doesn’t mean that SFTP implementation is similar.

The retry is there anyway: on the next poll not accepted file will be checked again.

You probably don’t show other filters you use, and your file is filtered out before this LastModifiedLsEntryFileListFilter, e.g. with the SftpPersistentAcceptOnceFileListFilter. You need to consider to have your “last-modified” as a first one in the chain.

If you are not going to support discard callback from the outside, you probably don’t need to implement that DiscardAwareFileListFilter at all.

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