one to many relation mapping using the orgmapstruct framework

You can achieve that through @AfterMapping with @MappedTarget. This is described in the reference documentation: 12.2. Mapping customization with before-mapping and after-mapping methods.

// Java 8+ otherwise you need to use an abstract class and a for-loop instead
@Mapper(componentModel = "spring")
public interface ScheduledJobMapper {

    @Mapping(target = "parameters", source = "paramtersDTOs")
    ScheduledJob mapToDomain(ScheduledJobDTO dto);

    default void after(@MappingTarget ScheduledJob domain, ScheduledJobDTO dto) {
        domain.getParameters().forEach(scheduledJobParams -> {

However, I am sure you don’t need to fill the bidirectional relationship when you map back from the DTO into the entity (this is what I understand as you refer to “domain”). Note printing out or serializing such object i.e. into JSON or XML throws java.lang.StackOverflowError if not properly handled.

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