qbit boon reflect ClassCastException: [B incompatible with [C

The problem is that the you are using Java 9+ and the boon dependency hasn’t been updated for Java 9+. The FastStringUtils class within this library does some reflective hackery to access internal fields of the String class, but the internal fields of String changed in Java 9.

This GitHub issue was opened in November 2015 for this problem and is still open almost five years later.

The workarounds are either to run your application in Java 8, or to run your project with the system property io.advantageous.boon.faststringutils.disable set to true. You can do this by adding the command-line argument -Dio.advantageous.boon.faststringutils.disable=true, or by adding the line

System.setProperty("io.advantageous.boon.faststringutils.disable", "true");

to your App class’s main method, before it calls the build() method shown in the stacktrace.

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