import leaf1 from "../../assets/menu-clip/leafes/leaf1.png";
import leaf2 from "../../assets/menu-clip/leafes/leaf2.png";
import leaf3 from "../../assets/menu-clip/leafes/leaf3.png";
import leaf4 from "../../assets/menu-clip/leafes/leaf4.png";
import leaf5 from "../../assets/menu-clip/leafes/leaf5.png";

export default function Menu(props) {
  const menuList =;
  const leafArray = [leaf1, leaf2, leaf3, leaf4, leaf5];
  return (
    <div className={styles.menuContainer}>
      <ul className={styles.list}>
 (m,i) => (
            <li className={styles.menuLi}
              <img src={ leafArray[i] }
                alt="menu lĂ­stok"

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