can you remove and and ” from an array of strings?

You can simply split on space and all unwanted characters:

var sentence = "the quick, brown fox; jumped (over) the fence."
var seen = {};
var result = sentence
    .split(/[ ,;\(\)\.]+/)
    .filter((word) => {
        if(seen[word]) {
            return false;
        seen[word] = 1;
        return true;
console.log('result: ' + result.join(', '));

Console output: result: brown, fence, fox, jumped, over, quick, the


  • .split(/[ ,;\(\)\.]+/) – split on space and all unwanted characters
  • .sort() – sort the array
  • .filter(Boolean) – remove empy array items
  • .filter((word) => {...}) – filter out duplicates using a seen object

You did not ask for the sort and filter, but I thought this might be useful for your case.

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