how can i set polling intervals for truffle?

Patched @truffle/hdwallet-provider to add pollingInterval. This is now available in [email protected].

Patched truffle to add deploymentPollingInterval. This is now available in [email protected].


    testnet: {
      provider: () => new HDWalletProvider({
        mnemonic: {
          phrase: SEED_PHRASE,
        providerOrUrl: 'http://localhost:4444',
        pollingInterval: 8000,
      gasPrice: Math.floor(GAS_PRICE),
      networkCheckTimeout: 8000,
      deploymentPollingInterval: 8000,

When unspecified, the default value for pollingInterval and deploymentPollingInterval are both 4000; so the above example has the effect of making it half as “chatty” over JSON-RPC, when polling for blocks, and when running truffle migrate.

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