how do you change the gridster2 option when clicking the button in angular form?

If I understand correctly, you want to set this.options['enableEmptyCellDrag'] to the value of @Input() editing.

And you want to gridster2 (I must admit I don’t know what this is) to recognise the change.

So you have 2 problems:

  1. When you’re in ngOnChanges, accessing your @Input() directly will give you the “old” value.

  2. Usually, for Angular to detect changes in objects, you need to change the reference of the object.

So this is what your ngOnChanges should look like.

  ngOnChanges(changes: SimpleChanges) {
    if (changes.editing && changes.editing.currentValue) {
      // Solve problem 1)
      const newValueOfEditingInput = changes.editing.currentValue;

      // Solve Problem 2) - Create a new reference for this.options, so that angular (grister2) can detect the change
      this.options = {
        enableEmptyCellDrag: newValueOfEditingInput

Of Course I haven’t tested this but I hope it can help you

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