how do you use the object key as a header and value child list in javascript?

Since there are no dupes, I’ll answer it. There are two things here.

  1. Replace: =
  2. Append: +=

What you’re doing is replacing. What you need to be doing is appending. Your solution is:

let list = "";
values.forEach(item => {
  list += `<li class="list">${ item }</li>`;

An example snippet to show you what’s happening will be:

var arr = ["One", "Two", "Three"];

var one = "";
arr.forEach(function (a) {
  one = a;

var two = "";
arr.forEach(function (a) {
  two += a;

I hope you understand the cases above with the variables one and two. You’re looking for two but you have implemented one.

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