Using map on a key/value hash treats it like a string

You’ll need to add a newline (\r\n) after each map() iteration.

Use join() on the map() result;

const pFile = {'a': "b", 'c': 'd'};

var bigExplanation = `
lots of text here
${Object.keys(pFile).map(key => `${key}: ${pFile[key]}`).join("\r\n")}
more text here



lots of text here
a: b
c: d
more text here

Edit; the source of the , was due your trying to ‘insert’ a object into a string, for example;

const pFile = {'a': "b", 'c': 'd'};

var bigExplanation = Object.keys(pFile).map(key => `${key}: ${pFile[key]}`);
console.log(typeof bigExplanation);

const string = '---' + bigExplanation + '----';

Here you can see that (typeof bigExplanation) is an javascript Object, when adding to a string, the , appear between each entry.

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