vuejs use the imported plugin mixin local

You can register a mixin either globally, either locally. If you don’t register a mixin globally, it will be only available in components where it is locally registered. So, with local registration, you can make a mixin available in only specific components.

Registering globally: you just need to declare it in the main.js file
Nb: you don’t need to register the mixin in components

  • Vue 2:
// main.js
import myMixin from './mixins/myMixin'

Vue.mixin(myMixin)     // makes the plugin globally available 
new Vue({
   // ...

  • Vue 3:
// main.js
import myMixin from './mixins/myMixin'

const app = createApp(App)
app.mixin(myMixin)     // makes the plugin globally available 

Registering locally: you do NOT declare it in the main.js file, and you register the mixin in the relevant components

// componentWithMixin.vue
import myMixins from "../mixins/myMixin"

export default {
    // ...
    mixins: [myMixins]     // importing the mixin - without this line, the mixin can't be available

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