how can i show a selected grade on a page?

As per I have understood, you want to select grades from dropdown & show its corresponding checkbox as per subjects for the grades.

I would suggest to create a vue component for that lets say grades-component, in your blade you can add,

<form action="" class="form-control">
       <grade-component :grades='@json($grades)'></grade-component>

here in blade, $grades is the object(or array) you are passing via compact. Basically it is to pass your data to the component, we will use that with help of props.

Now you can add your GradeComponent.vue in resources->js->components->GradeComponent.vue


<div class="container">

  <select v-model="selected_grade" @change="onChange($event)">
  <option v-for="grade in grading" :value="grade.slug">{{}}</option>
    <div class="custom-control custom-checkbox mt-2" v-if="subjects !== null" v-for="subject in subjects">
          <input type="checkbox" :id="subject.slug" :value="subject.slug"/> 
          <label :for="subject.slug">{{}}</label>


export default{
      props: ['grades'],
 data: function() {
    return {
      grading: this.grades,
      selected_grade: null,
      subjects : null
  methods: {
        onChange(event) {
          this.grading.forEach((obj, index) => {
            if (obj.slug ==={
                this.subjects = obj.subjects;

Now finally you can add it in app.js

Vue.component('grade-component', require('./components/GradeComponent.vue').default);

Then compile your vuejs code, I would use npm run watch

A similar one but with fake data, you can see,

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