Using awk:

 awk '!/^\/&^fd0&^loop&^sr0&^hdc&^cdrom/ { print $0" "arr[$4] } /^Filesystem/ { mrk=1;next } mrk==1 && /^\// { arr[$1]=$0 }' <<< $(df --exclude={tmpfs,devtmpfs,squashfs,overlay};lsblk -n -b --output KNAME,NAME,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT)

Redirect the two commands back into awk, stripping out any grep and sed processing. We process the df command first and where we find a line beginning with “Filesystem” we set a marker (mrk) to 1 and move to the next line. We then create an array (arr) indexed with the mountpoint and containing the line returned from the df command. We move onto the lsblk command and search for the lines starting with the KNAMEs required. We print the line from the lsblk command and append the value in the arr array indexed by the mount point ($4)

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