Multiple inotify events in one script

Sure, that can be done, with a little bit of extra logic; caveat: this assumes that any of the target directories exist in both /home/test and under /opt and that their names match.

# we use an array to store the watched directories
directories=(/home/test/directory5 /home/test/directory6)
inotifywait -m --format '%w%f' -r -e create "${directories[@]/#/}" | 
    while read spotted; 
            cp "${spotted}" "$archive"
            mv "${spotted}" "$( echo ${spotted}|awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="/"}{print "/opt",$(NF-1),$NF }')"

Another observation: should a file of the same name be created in either of your directories the target in archive will be overwritten. You may want to think about that.

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